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Friday, January 8, 2010


Got the aforementioned book, much long-winded discussion is sure to follow...

Snow fell, people panicked, there was a twenty-seven car pile-up near the airport. Having spent the past five days exhausting the subject of the weather, that's all I'll say. If a new Ice Age is upon us, I'll be the first to redirect the discussion to the question of whether postage stamps are mightier than the sword.

I'm celebrating my wife's birthday today, because I've been locked in the safe for the past week. I bought a bottle of Chianti which keeps giving rise to the rather disturbing proposition that I should also prepare some fava beans, along with the organ most compromised by alcoholic consumption in the first place. Also, I've procured some crackers and a cheese that's been tortured through several seasons of decay until it has, quite literally, come back to life; it informed me that it was from Ireland.

I plan on reading Nabokov's Ada before delving into Boyd's book; it would be like jumping ahead to the answer key on a crossword puzzle. Lately, I've been hitting a dry spot with the novels I've begun. I attempted to reread Moby Dick but ended up impaling myself on a harpoon in the process. I also tried Millhauser's Martin Dressler. It's good, but not as spell-binding as Millhauser's books usually are. Works of literary criticism have been the only imaginative ventures I've been able to manage as of late. Ada, with its labyrinthine plot-twists and intricate textures should prove as fine a study as any, and I may have recourse to a harpoon in the process, but at least I have Boyd's cheat sheet.

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